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Capcom is Doing Well, Thanks in Part to ‘Dead Rising 3’ and ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’



It’s no easy feat being profitable when you’re in the games business. Making games is expensive, marketing them even more so. Add to that the launch of a brand new console generation, which essentially resets the consumer base that’s available to buy all these expensive games, and it becomes even more difficult to make money. Fortunately for Capcom, they’re doing just fine. Now overwhelmingly so, but better than several other established publishers.

A significant portion of this success came from Monster Hunter 4, which managed to sell 4.1 million copies in Japan and South Korea. That wasn’t the only thing helping Capcom out, as Dead Rising 3 (1.2 million) and Resident Evil: Revelations HD (1.1 million) also performed admirably. All that equates to a net income of $34 million.

Good work, Capcom. Now please kick ass with Resident Evil 7.


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