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[TV] Talk About the Bloody “Hannibal” Finale Right Here!




How did us horror fans get so lucky?

The second NBC’s “Hannibal” finale came to an end I had to sit in silence for a few minutes just to digest it all. Not only was it one of the bloodiest hours of television I can ever remember, but it was such beautiful camerawork and storytelling. If NBC had canceled the series after two seasons, I would have no hesitations in calling “Hannibal” a masterpiece, and one of the best dramas to ever grace the small screen.

Knowing that the season finale of “Hannibal” was shot before NBC renewed it for a third season was an instant spoiler in itself, but still didn’t take away from the weight of the final moments. It just pre-determined that the season season would end in a cliffhanger, at least depending how you look at it.

When we last see Will (Hugh Dancy) laying on the floor, one of two things could happen. If the series were to be canceled, the audience could assume that Will had died, and Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) is free to continue his murderous rampage elsewhere. But, with a third season being ordered, it’s safe to say that Will will survive (let’s not forget there’s a shot where Dr. Bloom (Caroline Dhavernas) calls the police reporting shots fired), and thus it can be assumed that Season 3 will be an international manhunt for Hannibal.

No matter the case, I just hope prolonging the series doesn’t impact the great overall arc that’s been constructed. There’s nothing worse than when a show is extended just for the sake of extending it. Hopefully, the team behind “Hannibal” have always envisioned how this third and what will probably be the final season would end. There is nothing I look forward to more than “Hannibal’s” return to NBC.

How did you guys feel about the ending? Was it everything you hoped and dreamed for?

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