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‘Skull Island’ Was Offered to An Amazing Director!



One of the biggest surprises out of the San Diego Comic-Con was the announcement by Legendary Pictures that they’ll release Skull Island in theaters on November 4, 2016.

Reports out of the Con stated that Guillermo del Toro was said to be directing, but now it’s looking as if that may have been misconstrued due to his Crimson Peak being part of the panel.

As much as I like del Toro, he’s overwhelmed and has his hands full, which is why I’m over the moon excited about whom their talking with.

Deadline reports this Monday night that Attack the Block‘s Joe Cornish has been offered the job, although it’s still unclear if he’ll accept said offer.

The bad news is that Skull Island, based on the mythic origins of King Kong, where mutant giant creatures rule, is being penned by Godzilla scribe Max Borenstein. I know a lot of people gave Godzilla a pass, but that screenplay was horrid. The characters were poorly developed, and Godzilla never interacted with any of them.

Cornish is an odd choice to pair with Borenstein as Attack the Block actually understood character development (Moses!). Maybe the thinking is that Cornish will get his hands dirty and dive into Borenstein’s draft to punch it up?

Well, whatever, let’s just hope the new Kong movie ages better than Peter Jackson’s, which is about as relevant as the second Star Wars trilogy.

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