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Rob Zombie’s ’31’ Takes Place In 1975, and More…



Last Friday Rob Zombie sat down to do a live stream with his fans to answer all questions regarding 31, his crowd-sourced Halloween project that you can donate to by clicking here.

This was their chance to ask Zombie anyting they wanted, and they failed, miserably.

I sat through half of the 60-minute conversation and was able to compile a few interesting tid-bits, before I lost my mind listening to answers to wasted questions like, “Will this be live action?” to “Will you ever do a prequel to ‘The Devil’s Rejects?” to which Zombie replied, “Yeah, it’s called ‘House of 1,000 Corpses.’ “

What we now know about 31 is that it takes place on Halloween night in 1975. Therefore, it’s a period piece about five random people kidnapped on the five days leading up to Halloween and held hostage in a place called Murder World. While trapped inside this man-made Hell they must fight to survive playing the most violent game known to man… a game called 31.

He says it will probably more gory and crazier than ever. The inspiration came as he was walking around his Great American Nightmare haunt and seeing filthy clowns with chainsaws chasing people around.

Filming will happen in the New Year as most of Hollywood shuts down during the holidays.

It won’t resemble any of his previous films, but expects it to be visually rich because it’s a haloiday film.

It will probably be NC-17, and then eventually become R after going back and forth with the MPAA.

He would love to work with David Patrick Kelly from The Warriors, although casting isn’t underway yet.

Expect a synth score, although he’s yet to try it out with the picture to see if it works.

There will also be a full-length documentary, which he admits to filming for all of his projects, while also revealing the reason we never see them is because the studios don’t want to spend money on developing the extra features of home video releases.

Two other interesting bits is that Zombie doesn’t try and meet fans expectations – because everyone’s opinions are different – therefore he does what he thinks would make it good. He makes his movie. And when asked about his return to horror, when he previously stated he was retiring from horror, he reveals that he’s burnt out when he finishes a project. It’s in his nature to go to the extreme and say “never again,” but he eventually gets bored and returns.

There you have it, everything from the live stream conversation with Rob Zombie.

Get involved here, where you can also watch the replay of the live stream (after you’ve backed the project).

Rob Zombie's 31

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