24 Minutes of 'Until Dawn' Footage is Everything I Want From a Teen Slasher Game - Bloody Disgusting
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24 Minutes of ‘Until Dawn’ Footage is Everything I Want From a Teen Slasher Game



Despite its popularity in film, the teen slasher subgenre has never made its way to games. That may soon change, as developer Supermassive Games aims to fix that with their upcoming PS4 exclusive survival horror game Until Dawn. If it takes off, we may get more like it.

Until Dawn follows a group of teenagers who visit a remote mountain retreat for a little R&R, only to realize they’re not alone. It sounds like the premise to a horror movie, and I suspect that’s the point. Supermassive is looking to capture everything we love about that subgenre and infuse it into a terrifying horror game with fantastic production values and a story that’s affected by player decisions. For example, if you make enough wrong decisions, everyone can die.

The game was playable at Gamescom last week — enjoy some off-screen footage from its demo in the video below.

And here’s that Gamescom trailer again, if you missed it.


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