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Biofeedback Horror ‘Nevermind’ Returns to Kickstarter



Back in February, developer Erin Reynolds revealed a clever concept for a horror game called Nevermind. The point of the game is to scare players, but Nevermind goes a step further than that by using biofeedback to monitor stress levels. When the player starts feeling anxious, the game reacts, becoming more challenging. The goal of this is to help people cope with stress by forcing them to take control so they can progress through the game. It’s a neat idea, but it didn’t quite catch on when Reynolds turned to Kickstarter to help realize it.

The game’s Kickstarter campaign wasn’t a success, raising a little over half of its ambitious $250,000 goal. This time around, Reynolds is only looking for $75,000 to fund her project. As I write this, the campaign has raised just under $43,000 with about 34 hours to go.

If Nevermind sounds like something you’d like to support, you can do so here. I also recommend you check out our interview with Reynolds.



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