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Why ‘The Signal’ Would Have Been a Massive Hit In the 1990’s



Thanks to M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense, and his rash of self-masturbatory films with twists, we’re all pre-conditioned to watch for the big reveals in a movie.

Nearly every person I know feels the need to exclaim, “I figured out the twist!,” at some specific point in a film. That’s great, asshole. Movies aren’t video games, and you aren’t supposed to ruin the experience for yourself making guesses all the way through the feature. I guess living in a world of immediacy has its faults, considering people can’t sit still for 90 fucking minutes.

Anyways, I finally caught William Eubank’s sci-fi thriller The Signal, which stars Laurence Fishburne, as well as Brenton Thwaites, Olivia Cooke, Beau Knapp, Lin Shaye, Robert Longstreet, and Jeffrey Grover.

It follows a group of college students are lured to the middle of the desert by a hacker.

The movie has been out long enough that you shouldn’t be angry if I slightly spoil the movie in revealing that there’s a huge twist – which is the point of this article.

I loved The Signal, and feel like it’s being under appreciated. Why? Because we’re always waiting for the damn twist. Signal easily would have been a blockbuster back in the 1990’s. It has such an insane finale that people would have been talking about it for weeks, and critics would be proclaiming its brilliance upon the world.

Obviously, the cat is out of the bag now, but I still hope to sway you to rent the sci-fi brain fuck this coming weekend and enjoy it for what it is.

Seen in already? Talk below…