Cold Snap "Silent Killer" Music Video Premiere (Exclusive)
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Cold Snap “Silent Killer” Music Video Premiere (Exclusive)



Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Croatian metal band Cold Snap to bring you the music video premiere for “Silent Killer”, which comes from their upcoming album World War 3. The horror-heavy video, which was directed by Tin Majnaric of MMstudio23, has some strong nods to films such as Re-Animator and Frankenstein.

Vocalist Jan Kerekes states, “We wanted to tell a short story where a mentally deranged doctor poisons the band trying to kill us, but in the end, the music is too strong and we fight back.

Head below for the official premiere. You can pre-order World War 3 via iTunes or through Amazon.


Quote from lead vocalist Jan Kerekes:

When we were working on this song I knew what I wanted for the video. Like all the other videos of Cold Snap, Silent Killer was my idea, and my father was perfect to play the role of The Doctor! My father and I, we are actors, and I knew from the start that this video can be great. We wanted to tell a short story where a mentally deranged doctor poisons the band trying to kill us, but in the end, the music is too strong and we fight back. We had more that 140 props and decorations in that room, the improvised lab. Everything was prepared well, and we all rehearsed beforehand, so the video was filmed in only 12 hours. We had a good time, guys and girls were doing lights, Tin Majnaric from MMstudio22 on the camera directing, and my sister Ema Kerekes doing make up. It was a good atmosphere during the whole day and the fun started when the band had to beat the Doctor (my father). Suddenly everyone was so polite… but we kicked his ass anyway 🙂 We also had a small problem with cockroaches, they are fast fuckers and they don`t give a shit about being on camera. For the bloody part of the video, we only had one take because that blood was EVERYWHERE and after filming we were cleaning our equipment for two weeks. Blood is still on our drumset still.

Quote from bass guitarist Zoran ‘Zoki’ Ernoic:

Filming videos is always a very fun thing to do. We don’t like videos where the band plays their song on some location so our intent was to film a video with story and meaning behind it. Our singer Jan is a professional actor, so he has a lot of video ideas in his pocket all the time. When he suggested that it would be great to do a video with mad scientist who has Cold Snap for his pets we just couldn’t say no! We all agreed that the perfect man for the mad scientist role is a great Croatian theatre actor, Ljubomir Kerekes – Jans father. The video is following the general thought – you always get what you deserve, but the plot doesn’t follow lyrics straight.

The video was filmed in one day in a small hall in our hometown, Varazdin. It is directed, filmed and edited by young and talented Croatian movie maker – Tin Majnaric of MMstudio22. Jans sister Ema did all the makeup and fake blood, and we collected all kind of props from a local high school for the lab. Leo (our guitarist) built the weird looking machine with a gas mask to be the part of the scientists experiment so everything in the video is more or less “d.i.y.” We didn’t know how to manage the bloody sea urchin detail because we couldn’t get a real sea urchin, so we made one from an old blowfish figurine. I got the live roaches and baby mice from a local pet food supplier and after filming Leo and Vlado nursed them for a couple of days, before setting them free. It was fun to film the liquid flowing through the tubes. We came up with a simple idea to fill the tubes with liquid and somebody would have to blow in from the other side. It was hilarious because everything was not so nice for us, it made a huge mess all over the place. The next day after the filming Tin (director) called us and said that one of the memory cards got corrupted from the liquid and he couldn’t get the video files out of it. We had to send the card to a company that does memory recovery but the card was damaged too much. We lost around 25% of the filmed material, but in the end we managed to do a decent video with most of our ideas.

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