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Time to Get Worried About That ‘Alien: Isolation’ Sequel



It’s time to get worried about that unconfirmed-but-sort-of-expected follow-up to Alien: Isolation, as Sega has recently announced their plans to cut more than 300 jobs as they shift their focus to PC and mobile development following a disappointing year. Their San Francisco office will be relocated to Southern California later this year.

This news doesn’t necessarily spell doom for the publisher’s console efforts, but it’s not good news either. It’s also worth noting that no announcement has made regarding a sequel.

In a statement issued to GameSpot, Sega Europe specifically mentioned Alien: Isolation developer Creative Assembly, which might not be affected by the transition. That’s reassuring.

Sega has had a rough time lately, and 2014 saw a massive decline in net profits from 2013. The publishing side of their business is being restructured in an effort to remedy this.

“SEGA has positioned Digital Games, particularly smartphone and PC online gaming, as a growth area and has determined to implement the following measures in order to constantly post profits by improving management efficiency while promptly promoting redistribution of management resources.”

While imperfect, Isolation is inarguably the best Alien game we’ve seen in some time. The few issues I did have with it could’ve easily been fixed by a sequel. Whether or not it’ll happen is very much in the air right now.


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