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Man Leaves ‘Hell Night’ Actors $1M Estate



Our friends at Badass Digest caught wind of a truly bizarre article that ran a few years back. Ironically, it comes out of ABC Chicago, where Bloody Disgusting is based (not sure how we missed this).

A man who died back in 2012 willed his estate to two actors he never met (how freaking weird…), leaving them an estimated half a million dollars each, reported ABC News back in 2013.

The actors? Kevin Brophy and Peter Barton, who both starred in the 1981 Hell Night.

Fulk had admiration for the actors, whom he had never met, explain the site. He admired them so much that he left his estate to be split between them.

Ray Fulk was 71 when he died. He lived alone on a 160-acre property in Lincoln, Ill. that he inherited from his father.

Why did Fulk will his estate to the two actors?

“He just said they were friends of his,” Behle said, who knew they were actors but did not know Fulk had never met them.

After Fulk died, Brophy and Barton received letters informing them of the bequest. The two are friends who had acted in the film Hell Night. They could not be reached for comment.

The truly bizarre article in full can be read by clicking here. Would any of you leave your money to some actors you’ve never met? This is strange…maybe even a bit creepy.