Jason Graves' Score For 'The Order: 1886' Up For Pre-Order
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Jason Graves’ Score For ‘The Order: 1886’ Available For Pre-Order



Most of us know composer Jason Graves for his work on the Dead Space games, which earned him two BAFTA awards and was widely acclaimed as being the driving force behind the terror and suspense of the games. He was also responsible for the music behind Warner Bros. F.E.A.R. 3 as well as the newly released Evolve.

However, what I’m here to tell you about is his score for The Order:1886, which comes out this upcoming Monday and can be pre-ordered right now via iTunes.

A press releases writes:

In this cinematic experience based on a tense and unique vision of Victorian-Era London, Graves delivers an extraordinary score that brings to life the game’s alternate history, inspired by Knights of the Roundtable lore and Lycan mythology. Renowned for his BAFTA-winning score for Dead Space and the acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot, the classically trained American composer employs memorable orchestral writing and unique musical textures in The Order: 1886 to outstanding effect.

Graves masterfully combines cinematic sounds with action-packed cues, empathetic melodies, and powerful passages. Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the score for The Order: 1886 deliberately eschews musical clichés, such as heroic French horns and excessive bombast. Instead, the celebrated composer makes use of an impressive choir of 24 men and low, bassy sounds – an elegant, all the more fascinating approach to a title that focuses on blockbuster gameplay and dramatic character performances.

Head below for a trailer to the game, which comes out February 20th.


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