V/H/S Viral has a hidden segment called Gorgeous Vortex starring Victoria's Secret model Jayden Robinson
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Secret ‘V/H/S: Viral’ Segment Revealed!



VHS Viral

When V/H/S: Viral was first announced, a piece of information was accidentally revealed that’s caused almost a year of speculation. With Magnet Releasing putting the third V/H/S tape on DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow (Feb. 17), we can now reveal the big secret.

Our friends at Collider broke the news this morning, while also sharing an exclusive teaser from “Gorgeous Vortex,” a hidden track directed by Todd Lincoln. And when we say “hidden track,” we mean there’s literally an entire never-before-seen V/H/S segment hidden on the Viral home video release.

“Gorgeous Vortex” takes place in an ominous future. It also stars absolutely stunning Victoria’s Secret model Jayden Robinson. Lincoln’s hidden short is also the most stylish and glossy of the V/H/S segments as we wanted to try something a bit different. I think you’re all going to be pleasantly surprised with it when you find it hidden within the chapters of the full feature, as inspired by 90’s CDs like Nine Inch Nails’ Broken (it should be very clear that this is NOT a deleted story as misreported by various sites).

Check out Collider’s exclusive teaser trailer for “Gorgeous Vortex” below.

Here’s full details on the V/H/S: Viral home video release.

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