'Adult Wednesday Addams' Is Simply Incredible
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‘Adult Wednesday Addams’ Is Simply Incredible



When I was a kid, I loved the Addams Family movies. They were that perfect mix of playful and creepy that convinced parents to let their children watch it. It was also where I got one of my first big crushes: Wednesday Addams. Before you think I’m some sick freak, please remember that Christina Ricci is four years older than myself, so it’s kosher.

One of the problems with getting older is that the characters we hold so near and dear to our hearts don’t age with us, making it harder and harder to relate to them and their troubles. But that’s where comedian Melissa Hunter, who looks remarkably like Wednesday Addams, comes in and saves the day.

Hunter has created an online series titled Adult Wednesday Addams and it’s just fantastic! It follows Wednesday as she tries to live in the concrete jungle that is Los Angeles, dealing with such issues as driving lessons, online dating, one night stands, and more.

A lot of attention was drawn to the series with the most recent episode, which shows how Wednesday expertly deals with catcallers. But my recommendation is to start at the beginning with below’s video of Wednesday doing some apartment hunting. Then, head on to Melissa’s YouTube channel and binge the rest. 100% worth it.

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