Watch This Dead Rising: Watchtower Zombrex Ad
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‘Dead Rising: Watchtower’ Zombrex Ad Wants to Help You Stay You



Ever since the Resident Evil films made clever use of the Umbrella Corporation in their advertising, faux commercials for evil video game pharmaceutical companies like Umbrella and Horzine Biotech (Killing Floor) have become an increasingly popular tool for marketing.

In Dead Rising, Phenotrans is responsible for creating and distributing an incredibly expensive medicine called Zombrex, which staves off the zombification process. Sounds like a swell idea, until you consider the fact that Phenotrans almost definitely has a cure already developed, they just aren’t interested in sharing it with the rest of the world because then they’d have to replace the hundred dollar bills in their pools with fifties.

“Live your life without fear — and as a human.” Now that’s a great slogan.

In Dead Rising: Watchtower, a group of survivors must do everything they can to escape from a city that’s been quarantined following a zombie outbreak.

It’s written by Tim Carter (Sleeping Dogs) and stars Rob Riggle (“The Daily Show”) as photojournalist Frank West, Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die), Virginia Madsen (Sideways), Dennis Haysbert (Wreck it Ralph) and Meghan Ory (Vampire High).

The live-action adaptation is slated to release on Sony’s CRACKLE streaming service on March 27.