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The Sega Genesis Just Got a New Horror Game



Thought the Sega Genesis was dead? Me too. Sony loves touting a ten-year lifespan for their consoles, but Sega’s now 25 year-old console is still getting new releases, 18 years after it was officially discontinued. The latest game to hit the late, great console is Sacred Line Genesis — or rather, Sasha Darko’s Sacred Line Genesis, because that ridiculously cool name ought to sell a few extra copies — a nightmarish 16-bit visual novel that looks delightfully old school.

The game follows Ellen, a private investigator whose business is on the precipice of closure until a mysterious phone call leads her to an even more mysterious outpost, hidden deep within a forest. Spooky scary mysteries ensue!

Sacred Line Genesis is available now on its official website for $39.99.


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