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“Empty Zone” Will Fill You With Terror



This morning, Image comics announced bestselling artist Jason Shawn Alexander (Abe Sapien: The DrowningThe Escapists) returns to the drawing and writing table with an all-new series sure to disturb readers in EMPTY ZONE: Conversations with the Dead, which will launch on June 17.

This is my first glance at Alexander’s art but it looks to be tonally fantastic for a horror book. His heavy use of blacks and the gritty appeal of his line work make for a truly unique set of pages at Image Comics. I know that they hire talent over let’s say, diverse approaches to doing the work, but I don’t think there is a horror book at Image right now that has art anywhere near this.

Empty Zone is described as a sci-fi horror saga, where Corinne White attempts to reconcile with the ghosts of her violent past, literally, as she trudges through a world of dystopian cityscapes, reanimated corpses, & ganglands full of animal human hybrids.

“I created the idea for this series 20 years ago. I’m finally bringing it to fruition, through Image Comics, and I’m putting everything I have into it,” said Alexander. “I wanted to create a sci-fi series that veers off into ghosts and the supernatural and becomes something completely different.”

EMPTY ZONE #1 arrives on June 17 and can be ordered with Diamond Code APR150504.



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