Relive the 'Silent Hills' Teaser in 'Minecraft' - Bloody Disgusting
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Relive the ‘Silent Hills’ Teaser in ‘Minecraft’



The fate of the hugely anticipated Silent Hills may still be up in the air, but you shouldn’t let that ruin this remake of its “playable teaser” — or P.T. — because it’s pretty great.

Created by YouTuber Dudelcraft, this custom map takes that horrifying demo/advertisement to the usually family friendly world of Minecraft. Calling this a map doesn’t really do it justice, since that implies this is a static recreation, when it’s actually considerably more ambitious. It can be downloaded here for free; no mods or resource maps required.

Since you brought it up, if you’re wondering what’s up with Silent Hills, I’m afraid I can’t give you the answers you seek. What I can do, is try my best to make you feel better about that whole Kojima/Konami situation with this editorial.


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