The Future is Bleak and Horrifying in 'PAMELA' - Bloody Disgusting
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The Future is Bleak and Horrifying in ‘PAMELA’



Nothing good will come from a Utopian future. Germophobes will enjoy the strange cleanliness that appears to come with it, but that’s where the list of pros ends and the long list of cons begins.

Utopian must also mean horrifically bleak — emphasis on the horrific — because that’s how we keep presenting it. The latest game to tackle it is Pamela, an upcoming sci-fi horror game set in the floating city of Eden.

Pamela is an ambitious game with an emphasis on survival. This will require finding food, shelter and various other resources to keep you alive long enough to solve its mysteries. What happens should you find those answers is anyone’s guess, but I’d very much like it to involve hologram pizza.


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