'Alien: Isolation' Has Facehugged Over 2.1 Million People!
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‘Alien: Isolation’ Continues to Sell Well, But Sega’s Not Impressed



When a survival horror game like Alien: Isolation can move over 2.1 million copies in its first six months, that’s an achievement that’s worth celebrating. It has the brand recognition going for it, sure, but it was also a non-sequel that had to follow a string of shitty Aliens games that had released before it. So realistically, that’s a good number, especially since that means its sales have doubled since the end of January.

It’s too bad Sega doesn’t see it that way. In an earnings report the publisher shared on Monday, Alien: Isolation and Sonic Boom were singled out as the biggest disappointments even though the former was the best-selling title of the half dozen whose performance was detailed.

Over two million in sales should be enough to get a sequel green-lit. The last of Isolation’s announced DLC arrived in January, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we start hearing rumblings of a follow-up in the near future. The demand is certainly there, and Creative Assembly has already expressed interest in making a sequel.


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