'Allison Road' Draws Inspiration from 'Silent Hills'
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‘Allison Road’ Aims to Make Up for ‘Silent Hills’



Unless Guillermo Del Toro can take a break from being awesome to slap some sense into Konami, Silent Hills is gone for good. As much as that sucks, if you’re okay with an indie alternative, I’d very much like to introduce you to Allison Road.

Remember when Slender: The Eight Pages went viral back in 2012, inspiring a legion of developers to ape Mark Hadley’s idea for their own games? Most of them were awful and unnecessary, sure, but a few were surprisingly great. I always expected the P.T. demo to have a similar impact on at least one developer, and now it has.

Developed by a team of six, Allison Road is a horror game that follows a man who wakes up in a house with a bad hangover and no idea where his wife and daughter are. When he tries to nurse his hangover with a nap, the poor guy is woken up in the middle of the night by the neighbors who live upstairs. Loud neighbors, murder, intrigue, freaky girls with blood-stained faces — what more could you possibly want from a game?

And here’s some older footage from a very early version of the game:

For more Allison Road, I suggest you follow the game on Facebook and IndieDB.


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