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Is ‘The Nightmare’ Scarier Than ‘It Follows’?



This has been an incredible year for horror, beginning with the 80’s homage It Follows, which was anointed scariest film of the year back in March.

Yet, here we are in June with The Nightmare, Rodney Ascher’s (interview) documentary-horror film that explores the phenomenon of ‘Sleep Paralysis’ through the eyes of eight very different people, and shares reenactments of their accounts.

Patrick Cooper is raving about The Nightmare, promising in his review that you’ll never sleep again. The clip we shared yesterday supports this theory.

Still, is The Nightmare better/scarier than David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows? I say no.

I gave It Follows a perfect score, calling it “a classical horror masterpiece.” Mike Pereira referred to as a creepy, mesmerizing exercise in minimalist horror” when reviewed out of the TIFF last September.

I believe that, by the end of the weekend, we’re going to have a healthy debate as to which is scarier – and there’s no correct answer. If anything, it’s cause for celebrating that horror is alive and better than ever. Remakes? Nah….

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