'Death House' Sounds Like The 'Expendables' Of Horror
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‘Death House’ Sounds Like The ‘Expendables’ Of Horror



The Expendables movies were, for me, a total throwback to the glory days of 80’s action. It took some of the biggest names from that era and threw them all together into a series of gun fights, explosions, and cheesy one-liners. Basically, it was everything I could’ve wanted and more.

Now we might have a similar idea coming to the horror genre in the form of Death House, which supposedly stars, and get ready for this, Robert Englund, Gunnar Hansen, Sid Haig, Doug Bradley, Bill Moseley, Dee Wallace, Danny Trejo, Ken Foree, Michael Berryman, Barbara Crampton, and more.

Holy. Shit.

The film is being written by Jay Black, Gunnar Hansen, Brian Herzlinger, and Harrison Smith, with Smith and Herzlinger directing. It is aiming for an October 20th release date.

A lengthy synopsis comes from the film’s IMDb page:

The Four Horsemen are the most notorious serial killers of all time. Robert Englund’s weapon of choice is fire; Gunnar Hansen has an unquenchable thirst for human flesh; Bill Moseley is a surgeon, and tends to focus on mutilation and torture; and Doug Bradley shares a bond with spiders, particularly the Brown Recluse Spider, whose poison Bradley is happy to dispense among those unfortunate enough to meet him.

All four killers are safely housed in a maximum security wing in the basement of the infamous Dodhoff Prison, aka THE DEATH HOUSE.

The newest inmate to the prison is Sid Haig, a Hitler-wannabe with a cult following, whose right-hand man Jeff is almost as sadistic as him.

Also arriving at the prison is a college field trip, led by Professor Dee Wallace. She brings her Psychology class every year to observe, from a safe distance of course, the four horsemen in their prison habitat.

The students include Anna, a no-nonsense passionate student; Nick, who’s taking the class for a glorified credit,; Harold, the geek who could have majored in anything and been successful,; and Suzie, the slut of the group. Michael, the Professor’s Assistant, keeps everything on track for Wallace.

During the tour of the prison by Warden Danny Trejo, Jeff and the cultists invade, staging a prison break to free their god-like leader- and they are shooting to kill. The assault is successful, as they free Sid, but the Warden, locks down the prison to keep Sid from escaping, and contain the prison break. The warden directs the students down a back passage to the boiler room to save their lives. Unfortunately, that is the Warden’s last move, as he is gunned down by the infiltrating mob.

Anna hits the button to release the four horsemen from their cells, knowing they are the only option to take down the mob, and save their own lives in the process. But blood is universal, and soon the students find themselves navigating a brutal and gruesome labyrinth to survive, as the Four Horsemen, in their quest for freedom, unleash holy hell.