Shattered Sun's 3 Favorite Mexican/South Texan Horror Folk Tales
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Marcos Leal Of Shattered Sun Shares His 3 Favorite Mexican/South Texan Horror Folk Tales



While we talk a great deal about horror myths and urban legends in the forms of movies and other popular media, we don’t really get to dabble in the stories that are out in the real world all too often.

That’s why I’m very excited to bring you a piece from Marcos Leal, vocalist of Alice, TX metal band Shattered Sun, who is sharing his three favorite Mexican/South Texan horror folk tales! Two of these tales are well known to many horror fans but one is a supposedly haunted location that I’ve never heard of but is now on my bucket list of places to visit! Check out Leal’s choices ahead!

You can snag the band’s latest album Hope Within Hatred via iTunes.

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