“Archie Vs Predator” #3 Slows Down To A Bore
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[Comic Review] “Archie Vs Predator” #3 Slows Down To A Bore



Archie vs Predator heads back to school this month for a slower for a much less viscerally arresting penultimate issue. If carnage was the name of the game last issue then this month is self preservation. Most are putting themselves first over the group, leading to poor cooperation and the inevitable loss of life. Except for Milton, who really comes into his own and essentially becomes the protagonist. He pushes the plot forward for a majority for the issue and keeps a level head during all the chaos.


WRITTEN BY: Alex De Campi

ART BY: Fernando Ruiz

PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics

PRICE: $3.99

RELEASE: 17 June 2015

Archies group of friends took a massive hit during their last encounter with the Predator, with only Jughead (the bait) surviving. Bewildered and in shock Jughead staggers back to Riverdale High School to reconnect with his fellow surviving friends. Possibly inadvertently leading the Predator right back to everyone, like leading the slaughter to the lambs. The remaining survivors grieve their losses and discuss what to do next. Not everyone is in agreeance though, resulting in a fracture within the group. After another dwindling the group is down to only 5 core members, and it’s only going to keep going down.

The Predator is featured here more than issue #1 but not quite as much as last month’s 2nd issue. He hangs back and stealthy spies on his victims for a bit, which would raise the tension if it wasn’t for how cartoony it comes off. A Predator peering through the grate on an air vent overlooking Archie and the gang all the while dripping green goo looks just a hokey as it sounds. Additionally both of the Predators kills this issue are the same. The situations are different but he uses the exact same technique which is lame.