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[Review] ‘Deep Dark’ Out of the Sci-Fi London Film Festival



Every hole is a goal as well as a source of artistic inspiration in Deep Dark which had a European Premiere at Sci-Fi London Film Festival in the UK.

The twisted horror comedy, previously spotted at Cannes film festival market with a sharp toothed smile behind a cheeky tag line captures perfectly the pretentious art world with a Cronenbergian glee not seen since the gallery world witnessed in Scanners or popping up in Hellraiser 3.

Hermann is out hapless creative without a spark of talent but an insistence for perseverance.  His artwork takes the form of hanging mobiles, the type babies stare up at from their crib.   His outlandish creations channel Tom Green’s sausages on strings.   At an art show vying to gain the attention of a prestigious dealer blood, sweat & tears literally fly as his suspension piece crashes down.

Humiliated and finally doubting his career path he moves to an new apartment suggested by a friend of the family.   Arriving at a disheveled unit he makes the most of duped situation working hard in his own uninterrupted space.  Reaching the end of his tether he decides to end it all when a mysterious thread leaves an opening in the wall the size of a mouse’s front door.  After tugging on the cord a tiny, tightly rolled tube with writing pops out.   After a few questions & answers he doubts his sanity before the hole enters in a pact to help him fulfill his artistic dreams.

As well as the notes ejecting from the wall, boney organic gristle pods are delivered.   Washing off the discharge & shelling the prize like a pearl, the mystery object is polished up & becomes the balancing centre piece for his mobiles.

Seeming to exude a seduction & pheromone his artwork is snapped up at top dollar.   With his new found success comes a seductive voice from the hole.   Their pact continues under the condition they spend time together.  With some truly bizarre moments Deep Dark plays like an X-rated Big Eyes with the moral being not to neglect your muse and give credit where it is due.


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