Marilyn Manson Talks New Album And Future Plans
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Marilyn Manson Labels ‘Holy Wood’ His Favorite Album: Opens Up About Church Of Satan



Just the other day, shock rocker Marilyn Manson took to Reddit for an AMA (ask me anything) where he dove into detail about a great many topics, several of which are absolutely fascinating for fans of his many works.

When asked about doing an album of only acoustic songs, be it covers or original material, Manson responded with this gem:

I’ve found a bunch of old recordings form when I was making “Holy Wood”, I was rehearsing for the album, and I was doing a bunch of different covers and John Lennon songs and Elton John, just various Johnny Cash, and assorted things, the Doors also, things that I could use to just warm up my voice. And I think my voice was really raw at that time, because I think the physical stress I was putting on myself (and mentally) when I was making that record. But that is my favorite record, “Holy Wood,” it’s one of my favorite moments of music, and it does have a lot of moments. So yes, I think there will be some things dug out of the past when we get to that point. But I like doing things acoustically. I actually like to – I’m not afraid to sing in front of other people with a microphone, acoustically, which was something I was shy to do in the past. I would never want to have people in the studio, I would want to sit in the sound booth. But now I don’t have a problem with it at all. In fact, I wouldn’t mind performing live acoustically as well.

When pushed further about an acoustic album, Manson proclaimed that some of the forthcoming music he’s working on will be with Korn‘s Jonathan Davis:

…that’s some of the plans, of the style of music that I’m working on right now.
I don’t know what it’ll turn into. Some of it will be with Jonathan Davis, I think. Because he has plans of doing something similar as well. Something that might even cross over the boundaries of being more Southern-sounding.
It is strange, when I think about it – I did record “Smells Like Children’ in Mississippi, which is where the blues came from. So there might be something more acoustic and blues in my future. I like the rawness of it. I definitely like the rawness.

Manson also spoke about doing an album that had more of a “throwback” style, stating that he’s planning on working with Twiggy for new material:

It’s hard to go backwards. But it’s always important to stay true to the core of the essence of who you are as a songwriter.
So I think that starting another album with Twiggy, because Twiggy was not involved in “The Pale Emperor” – I think that, if you want to call it, the “throwback sound” – will work its way into there, with a natural way of happening, now that he and I are together. That’ll come back.

When asked if there were any plans to do a celebration of next year being the 20th anniversary of Antichrist Superstar, Manson had this to say:

Yeah, Twiggy and I were just talking about that a few days ago.
I think that might be something we’d really want to do.
I’ve always really enjoyed that time. The idea of doing that, even when we first put the album out, we played nearly all of it, back in 1996. So I think that there’s a very strong possibility that that’s going to happen.

A very cool moment was when a fan asked if Manson was a fan of NBC’s “Hannibal“:

Hahahaha. Yes I do watch HANNIBAL. And that’s why I – as a fan of it – ended up buying a lot of things on an auction that took place today. I find HANNIBAL and a lot of episodic series to be the new form of cinema, because they tell things in chapters. I loved the first season of TRUE DETECTIVE. So far, I love the first episode of the new one. I was worried that I wouldn’t, because I was so attached to the first storyline. But so far, I enjoy it.

Another user asked about Manson’s art style, which uses watercolors as the primary medium:

I started using watercolors when I was recording “Mechanical Animals” one night when I had some time off in the studio. I was waiting for something else to be recorded. I went to the drugstore, I just purchased a kid’s set of watercolors, then started painting. And I found it to be a calming thing for me when I couldn’t get my creativity out musically, I was able to paint. And that just became part of my life. I use watercolors because they remind me of stains, like a bloodstain. And I think influences, I would say, Egon Scheille and Salvador Dali and Marcel Duchamp. All 3 for different reasons.

He also fully addressed the view of him being a Satanist:

I’ve never considered myself a Satanist. I was a part of the Church of Satan, with an honorary position, simply because it was one philosophy – because I’ve never looked at it as a religion. Anton LaVey (who wrote the book THE SATANIC BIBLE) taught me a lot of things about life. You know, I’ve been a scholar – self-taught, self-read – I wouldn’t want to limit my view on the possibilities of what there is out there in the spiritual realm to just one thing. Because there’s always something new to open your mind. To let you see things from a different angle. I do believe in the power of the mind, and the power of certain things. I think that music definitely has to have some element that back in the beginning – and I’m not talking about once Christianity took over America, blaming Rock n’ Roll for bad things – I mean back in the times when music was first invented, and the chords that were used in most rock n’ roll music, they were considered evil – because I think when you put those notes together, they have the ability to disrupt or distract the brain from whatever sort of “virus” of language that religion is, in a sense.
If you have things like a Bible from any different religion – it does have a powerful reign over people’s minds. And music does as well. So there had to be something – if we go by religion’s view of “good vs. evil” – that would be evil, meaning it didn’t agree with those views.

Manson also took the opportunity to relay a message on his own about what he would’ve done differently were he given the chance to do it all over:

Someone asked if I would do anything differently looking back on my career: I probably would’ve been a little less lenient with the way I handled some of the people who betrayed me in the music business. I would have ruled more with an iron fist. But that would have not led me to where I am now, where I have a greater sense of control. So it really frees ambition, to be back in the spot where I have total control over what happens – from the music happens, to recording it, there was a period at my last record label where when I would control the music, I would be record the music that I wanted, but when they got their hands on it, the way they treated it as a product wasn’t the way I would’ve treated it. I probably should’ve beaten some people about it. But I’m glad to be where I am now.