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“Hannibal” Is Likely Dead. Here’s Why…



"Hannibal" Is Likely Dead. Here's Why...

This is not the way I wanted to start my holiday weekend – dining on cheap burgers and brats, instead liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Even though the collective world acted surprised by the cancellation of NBC’s “Hannibal,” I’ve been holding the stance that it was always the plan. There have been enough clues in past writings that NBC and show runner Bryan Fuller always imagined the series as a trilogy of sorts, and us fans were “gifted” a third season in order to tie it all together.

Still, when “Hannibal” was canceled, there was a lot of talk about it continuing on through a streaming platform like Amazon or Netflix.

In some fresh news, we learn how this is probably impossible, and get the vibe that, as suggested above, this was always the plan.

According to Deadline, the first hurdle to bringing “Hannibal” back would have been to resign stars Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen. Bring them back? Well, yeah, they’re no longer under contract.

Both Dancy and Mikkelsen are already fielding film and TV offers, adds the site who explains that their options expired last night and were not extended by Hannibal producer Gaumont International Television.

Even more disheartening is understanding why a deal with Netflix won’t be happening…

Still, the independent production company continues talks with potential distributors. If Hannibal finds a new home, new deals have to be hammered out with both Dancy and Mikkelsen. Still, if the show gets a new season elsewhere and the two are still available, I hear both love the show and have indicated that they would like to reprise their roles as Will Graham and Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Still, there are other, even bigger obstacles for a fourth season of Hannibal. For once, the show has an exclusive deal with Amazon, making a pact with other streaming services virtually impossible.

It gets even worse, as they’ve lost show runner Bryan Fuller, too.

“And, more importantly, Hannibal has lost its creative force, developer/executive producer Bryan Fuller to a new series, Starz’s American Gods.’ He remains committed to Hannibal, but a possible fourth season has to wait for him to finish the recently ordered first season of ‘American Gods,’ which would be a challenge for potential buyers.

“Hannibal” is likely dead, and all hope is gone. As I stated before, at least we have the ongoing Season 3 to celebrate what was and not what could have been…

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