Charlie Hunnam Talks Hopes For 'Pacific Rim 2'
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Charlie Hunnam Has Strange Ideas On How To Make ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Better Than The Original



In an interview with EW, Pacific Rim star Charlie Hunnam spoke about his disappointment in the original film and his ideas so that the upcoming sequel could stand out. Pacific Rim 2 begins shooting this November.

Hunnam, who plays Jaeger pilot Raleigh Becket, explains:

When it becomes very technical, those technical aspects create a rigidity to the process. Then all of the sudden, you have to find where your little place to fit into that process is, as opposed to the whole thing being about you.

I think world creation and monster creation and all of that stuff is exciting as a secondary element of storytelling. When it becomes more important than storytelling, I get very nervous, and you sort of lose me a little bit. Although we tried very hard on Pacific Rim to marry those two elements, I do feel like ultimately it got weighed heavier on the side of spectacle than storytelling.

I hope that we are able to remedy that a little bit going into the second. Not to say I wasn’t proud of the film. I really liked it, and I felt like it delivered exactly what it was supposed to. But I do feel like we could have maybe plumbed the depths of the character and the storytelling a little bit more.

So, apparently a film that is essentially “Might Morphin’ Power Rangers” for adults, needs to focus more on the story and the actual characters? Look, I’m well aware that some films NEED that kind of attention and detail in order for us to empathize and appreciate the characters and the sacrifices they make. But Pacific Rim isn’t a film that requires that. It thrives on the action and spectacle of the fights between the Jaegers and Kaiju.

If you think about it, where Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla failed is precisely where Pacific Rim succeeded. The former took forever to get to the fights and they ended up being lackluster. Every time the film began picking up pace, it stumbled, resulting in a film that is visually gorgeous but lacking for a giant monster movie.

The latter, however, took the first 15-ish minutes to explain everything that needed to be explained and then dove right into the action. And that’s precisely what was needed. The trailers made it very clear what audiences should expect from Pacific Rim and we got that and more.

Sorry Hunnam, I know you’ve got acting chops but this sequel is meant for people who want a movie to be what it should be: a 2-hour escape into some serious entertainment.

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