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What Do You Want from ‘Outlast 2’?



Last October, the makers of Outlast announced their plan to follow up one of the most frightening horror games in recent memory with an even scarier sequel. Aside from our knowing that it exists in some form, the game is likely going to remain a mystery to the general public for some time. The plus side to it’s still being a ways off is, at least for the time being, Outlast 2 is malleable.

As terrifying as the first game was, there’s always room for improvement. If you have any specific issues with it that you’d rather not see get repeated in the future, or if you feel like there are missed opportunities worth pursuing in the sequel, this is the time to speak up.

In a recent post on Red Barrels’ Facebook page, the developer asked their fans what they would like to see from the next game. After skimming through the feedback offered up by the community so far, the general consensus is the sequel will need to be bigger, scarier, have better AI and some female characters. Even if the lack of ladies in the series up to this point was a strange oversight, it did inspire some disturbing questions that I wouldn’t mind seeing answered in Outlast 2.

What would you definitely want to see in Outlast 2:
A) Bigger areas to explore
B) Smarter enemies
C) More lore
D) Chris Walker
E) Something else?


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