Behemoth Release Official Video for "The Satanist" - Bloody Disgusting
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Behemoth Release Official Video for “The Satanist”



Polish blackened death metal band Behemoth have released an official video for the title track to their latest album The Satanist (review).

Frontman Nergal states:

Behemoth has always been about breaking boundaries, taboos, leaving its comfort zone and thinking out of the box! Here we go again with the brand new video from us. It’s already a fourth official clip off “The Satanist”… The concept came from the director, Andrzej Dragan. It’s situated in modern Warsaw in the present times. It’s where the carnal world meets the unknown… it’s where the ZOS unites with KIA… It’s where SACRUM is raped by PROFANUM…

Director Adnrzej Darag adds, “This is a picture of alienation and ultimate rejection of an oversensitive character by an anonymous city.”

Many of you know that I’m a very big fan of this album and I feel that this video is a very important piece of work. It shows not only the lack of humanity and empathy that crowds have towards individuals in need but how that indifference can shape and change a person so fundamentally that they lose themselves.

It’s also a bit of a commentary on how we have this need to film those in peril rather than come to their aide, their misery and terror somehow a performance for our entertainment.


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