'Human Centipede' and 'Hellraiser' Stars Get Ready For 'Rats' - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Human Centipede’ and ‘Hellraiser’ Stars Get Ready For ‘Rats’



There’s no denying the Brits have a legacy of homegrown horror stemming from ‘Hammer’.  Now a new UK short film is set to shoot in a 900 year old medieval castle with genre icons Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser, Nightbreed) & Laurence R. Harvey (The Human Centipede 3, The Editor).   The filmmakers are on Indiegogo & hope you will join ‘Team Rats’.  Here’s what to expect from the film which stands alone but also introduces a larger world for a feature film called ‘Haunt’.

Bill is a middle aged lecturer and antiquarian book specialist who arrives at Montague Castle to catalogue the library’s more interesting volumes. But Bill has other things on his mind for his time away from his young family. He intends to spend a night of passion with Jess, one of his undergraduates.

What better way to impress a girl than to have a night alone with the run of a castle?

Only they aren’t quite alone. There are scratching noises from the room next door, and the sense that someone, or something, is watching. By the end of this night, Bill will learn that all actions have consequences especially within these ancient walls.

Terrible, terrifying consequences…


“Not all castles were built to keep things out!”

Through Indiegogo’s InDemand function you can still join in on the castle based action.  Follow the project on Facebook too to see more photos from the beautiful filming location.