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Avast Mateys! “Fear the Walking Dead” is Going to Sea



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It’s something that’s been said countless times during zombie movies (and actually done a handful of times): Why not just get on the water and go to an island? Well, the writers over at AMC are in agreement that that’s something the characters of “Fear the Walking Dead” would do, especially considering that they’re in Los Angeles which is, y’know, kinda on the ocean.

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Showrunner Dave Erickson spoke recently with THR and talked about the possibility of the main characters heading to sea.

…you’ll see that land is no longer safe. At least not in Southern California. Some people have not been quarantined or driven north or south. But there’s thousands of boats through L.A. County. So a lot of people will stock up the boats and try to get to the water and avoid land as much as humanly possible. You’ll see a lot of people trying to survive, Erickson explains. However, he’s aware that this isn’t a magical solution. “If you look at [Victor] Strand’s yacht, it’s a pretty handsome vessel. It’s something that you can survive on for a good period of time and that’s something others might covet. So when you get to the question of what’s worse, walker or human, we’ll continue that theme. There will be quite a bit of action on the seas — and we’ll split it between land and water. But it’s going to be an interesting dynamic.

Sounds like we might see some Waterwold action going on here! When’s Kevin Costner joining the roster?

But in all seriousness, the crew behind the series are aware the viewers have felt that the show moved a bit slowly in the first season and that they need to amp things up a little bit. Erickson states, “We’ll pick up in a more accelerated pace when we go in to the season. We’ve learned a lot: our characters in their apocalyptic education have learned what walkers are. Even Travis has had to shed some of his humanity for the first time, which was his great struggle. We’ll have more of a shorthand going in to season two.

More can be read at the above link.

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