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Being a horror fan is more than just liking films; it’s a lifestyle, it’s community. Since 2001, Bloody Disgusting has been celebrating the genre with millions of readers, all of whom are the lifeblood that keeps our black heart pumping. We are family. This is why we’re so incredibly excited about our new endeavor, the first annual “Bloody Disgusting’s Reader’s Choice Awards”, sponsored by the national Days of the Dead horror convention and Tony Wash’s “World of Death“!

Long overdue, these new awards are about giving all horror fans a voice. Instead of us selecting the winners by committee, we’re putting everything in your hands to help decide the year’s best in horror.

Here’s how it will work…

Nominations are open below and YOU put the movie you loved most. YOU put your favorite kill. YOU put the scare that got the deepest under your skin. This makes sure that no movie will be exempt from being a potential winner.

Open nominations will run through Wednesday November 15h. At that point we’ll tally all of the nominations and then bring you the TOP 5 for each category.  This is when we’ll all vote together to reveal the winner of each category. In addition, we’ll also be presenting a very special LEGACY AWARD to someone who had made a long-lasting impact on the horror genre, whether it be in film, toys, art, games, or even music. The winner in each category will win an incredible custom award created exclusively for Bloody Disgusting by horror artist Mike Skaggs.

These are YOUR awards. So make your voice heard!


  • All nominees need to have been released in 2017 to qualify.

Winners of the 2017 Bloody Disgusting Reader’s Choice Awards will receive this custom award created by Mike Skaggs.

“Bloody Disgusting’s Reader’s Choice Awards” is brought to you by Days of the Dead horror conventions and “World of Death”. Keep up with Days of the Dead on Twitter and Facebook. Watch “World of Death” shorts right here on Bloody Disgusting.