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Finally, An ‘Alien: Isolation’ Bundle That’s Worthy of a Perfect Organism



It’s a good thing no one can hear me scream when I’m being murdered over and over and over again by the phallic shadow monster with a sword for a tail that now haunts my every waking moment — or at least the moments I spend playing Alien: Isolation. It’d be better for me if I possessed even a modicum of skill, but I fear the only thing I’m getting better at is receiving mouth-to-mouth from that horrific nightmare creature.

What I mean to say is you should consider checking out Alien: Isolation – The Collection, for it combines one of the best horror games of 2014 with six months’ of DLC, including all seven of the mission packs, from Crew Expendable to The Trigger.

The Collection is available now for $39.99 on PS4 and Xbox One, or $29.99 on PC.


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