Modder Removes the Alien from 'Alien: Isolation'
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Modder Removes Risk of Being Stabbed to Death While Admiring ‘Alien: Isolation’



Last October, Creative Assembly set a new bar for the Aliens franchise, which had endured a number of failed attempts at bringing the magic of the films to video games. Alien: Isolation felt like a natural extension of the series, with environments that looked like actual movie sets and an unpredictable alien that was legitimately terrifying.

The alien wasn’t the only foe that roamed the Sevastopol, but even when it wasn’t actively prowling the same dark corridors as Amanda Ripley, the creature’s fondness for surprise vent attacks ensured its presence was always felt.

Without the threat of getting sucker-stabbed through the chest because I made the mistake of giving my trigger finger a few seconds to relax, I might’ve been able to enjoy the incredible amount of detail that makes Alien: Isolation such a visually stunning game. It might also emphasize the Isolation bit, so you’ll have to ask yourself: would you rather be lonely or spend every second in a cold sweat, waiting to meet a horrifically painful death?

If it’s the former, you may want to check out this mod from Steam user [Lebowski]-=ThArK=-.

[Steam via Eurogamer]


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