Fanmade 'Ring' Short Film is Surprisingly Really, Really Good - Bloody Disgusting
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Fanmade ‘Ring’ Short Film is Surprisingly Really, Really Good



A fanmade short film that essentially continues the story The Ring has been released and it is surprisingly incredibly well made and looks beautiful. Written and directed by Todd Kaumans and Jess Stipek of Trico Films, the short film follows reporter Rachel Keller (originally played by Naomi Watts in the remake and its sequel) as she investigates the disappearances of several children on Moesko Island, the home of the Morgan family, four years after the events of the original film. It is there that she runs into the brother of Richard Morgan and realizes that the past refuses to remain buried.

What got me about this short film is a few things. First, the actress they got to play Rachel looks incredibly similar to Naomi Watts, even going so far as to nail the wardrobe. Second, the look is spot on. They got the dark, muted colors and atmosphere of dread and unease down perfectly. And when needed, the practical FX looked damn good. Lastly, by using the music of Hans Zimmer, it really drove home how connected the stories are.

If you have 6-7 minutes, I highly recommend giving this short a peek!