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Fred Dekker’s ‘Predator’ Script Completed!



Both the Alien and Predator franchises were run into the ground with the two Alien vs Predator films, both of which were no better than made-for-Syfy Channel movies.

Now, Twentieth Century Fox is dedicated to fixing the sci-fi horror franchises that both has one-shot films sequels released within the past five years.

With Ridley Scott set to shoot his Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant, next March, the studio is also focusing on repairing the Predator franchise.

Predator alumni Shane Black (who played Hawkins and was brought onto the original project to provide some oversight) is directing the fourth film that he has been co-writing with Fred Dekker, who is perhaps most well known for his work on The Monster Squad.

We haven’t heard much since April when Producer John Davis exclaimed that the next Predator would reinvent the franchise. Now, according to Dekker, the screenplay has been turned in.

Dekker posted a child’s drawing of a Predator with the caption: “A character from the new screenplay we just turned in. Art by Angus Herndon, age 7.”

I pray that, after Dekker and Black clicked “send,” the duo flexed in celebration.


Now, it’s up to the Fox execs to pull the trigger and send this baby into pre-production. But, this is Hollywood, and everything is an uphill battle. Odds are Black and Dekker get notes and are sent back to integrate them. Still, there’s progress, and with a new Alien trilogy in the pipeline it would be spectacular to know Predator was chasing its tail.

Black is also known for being the writer/director of films such as Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3.

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