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Solve the Mystery Behind a Freaky Urban Legend in ‘Wick’



I’ve always been fond of urban legends. I must’ve attempted to conjure Bloody Mary from a bathroom mirror dozens of times in my youth, and I’m sure I’ve quoted the famous “The call is coming from inside the house!” line from the legend of the doomed babysitter many more times than that. The raw, trembling excitement I’d get when recounting these tales was endlessly enjoyable, so when I first started experimenting with creative writing as a teen, I kept that passion alive by coming up with my own stories.

This is what the folks behind the indie horror game Wick have done, and what they’ve come up with could easily fit in the repertoire of unnerving stories many of us had ingrained in our memories years ago. It’s the classic combination of a cautionary tale set in an eerie environment — more specifically, a forest in which children have been known to go missing.

In Wick, the objective is simple: to survive the horrors that reside in what looks like an exceptionally spooky forest long enough so you can find the kids who are surely dead by now. You’ll do this by candlelight, and since this is a horror game, your sole source of light also doubles as the one thing that’s keeping you safe from the forest-dwelling horrors I mentioned earlier.

Wick is available right now for $10 on Steam because it’s a new release. Grab it before January 4 and you’ll save a few bucks.



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