Walmart Censors 'Deathgasm' Cover From Satanism...Adds a Gun Instead - Bloody Disgusting
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Walmart Censors ‘Deathgasm’ Cover From Satanism…Adds a Gun Instead




Yet another case of horror movies getting a bum rap as it’s been announced that the Walmart DVD edition of Deathgasm will be changing titles to Heavy Metal Apocalypse and that the artwork has been changed, removing the pentagram but allowing a gun. After all, Satan is evil and cannot be promoted in any way, shape, or form, but guns are fine.

It should be stated that the distributor is essentially being forced to do this to get the movie into Walmart. And since it’s one of the biggest retail locations in the United States, it makes sense that they’d make this change.

We’ve been champions of the movie for a long time, calling it the “…party movie of 2015” and Mr. Disgusting put it on his Top 10 Horror Movies of 2015. If people buy it as Heavy Metal Apocalypse or see it as Deathgasm, it’s all fine by us. Just enjoy the shit out of this movie, okay?



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