M. Night Confirms New Crypt Keeper For 'Tales From the Crypt' - Bloody Disgusting
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M. Night Confirms New Crypt Keeper For ‘Tales From the Crypt’



Two days ago we exclusively reported the disturbing news that TNT’s upcoming revival of “Tales From the Crypt” wouldn’t feature HBO’s incarnation of the Crypt Keeper, the infamous host voiced by John Kassir.

Now, show curator M. Night Shyamalan was addressed the topic on Twitter, and confirmed our story that there will have to be a new Crypt Keeper as the original is the property of HBO. However, he claims that the new host will be “…cool and dark.” It’s uncertain if John Kassir, who provided the voice for the Crypt Keeper, will be involved. In Brad’s report he said, “The new show will be highlighted by an old man with a cane, wearing a hood, and keeping warm by a fireplace.” This is faithful more to the 1972 movie and the original EC comic series.

In other news, Shyamalan also tweeted asking fans, “What are your favorite “Tales from The Crypt” comics and episodes? Looking to adapt some and I’m ready to dig in!

While this suggests that the revival will continue the anthology episode style it was known for in its inception, we still haven’t gotten confirmation that they’re not aiming for a serialized storyline, one that will feature 13 episodes following one story over the course of a season.

With a title this beloved by fans and ourselves, we’ll be keeping a very, very close eye on any developments as they arise.