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Submissions Open For ‘The Optical Theatre Film Festival’



Full disclosure: I am one of the jurors for the festival.

The 2nd annual “The Optical Theatre Film Festival“, headed by The Dark Circle Association, has been officially announced and is now taking submissions for feature and short length films that fit into the “horror, fantasy, bizarre and grotesque” genres. The event itself will take place this November in Rome, Italy and is organized by italian director Domiziano Cristopharo and by the italian composer Antony Coia (CEO, Dark Circle President). The One Seven Movies label will also consider the best films for an eventual distribution.

Submission guidelines and requirements can be found on the Official Website.

Make sure to follow the Optical Theatre on Twitter and Facebook to keep up-to-date with the event.

Jury list:
*Adam Gierasch (writer, director, producer, USA);
*Daniel De La Vega (director, actor, writer, producer, Argentina);
*Stephen Biro (President and founder of Unearthed Films Inc., director, writer, USA);
*Antonio Tentori (screenwriter, Italy);
*Marco Werba (composer, Italy);
*Jonathan Barkan (managing editor for BloodyDisgusting, USA);
*Ivan Zuccon (director, Italy);
*Leonardo Cruciano (Creatures Creator and Special Make-up Artist, head of the special and visual effects department of Makinarium, Italy);
*Federico Frusciante (founders of the “Videodrome Industries”, web critic, Italy);
*Salvatore Alongi (owner of the One Seven Movies label, Italy).

Early Deadline: April 02, 2016
Regular Deadline: July 02, 2016
Final Deadline: September 30, 2016
Extended Deadline: October 10, 2016

Managing editor/music guy/social media fella of Bloody-Disgusting