Tribeca to Premiere 'Holidays' Anthology Short
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‘Holidays’ Anthology’s Christmas Story Was Filmed In VR (Tribeca)



Pictured: "Christmas" from the Anthology Holidays

Virtual reality and interactive storytelling take center stage at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Twenty-three VR exhibits and interactive installations from leading creators and emerging artists will be presented, with 16 of them making their world debut, at the Tribeca Festival Hub, located at 50 Varick Street.

These elements are part of a celebrated legacy of innovative storytelling showcased at TFF since 2002. The 15th annual Tribeca Film Festival takes place April 13-24.

One such project is Scott Stewart’s anthology tale “Christmas,” which is part of the upcoming anthology film Holidays.


Project Creators: Distant Corners/John Hegerman, Scott Stewart, Amanda Mortimer, Gabriela Revilla Lugo, Wevr

When a man stoops to dangerous new lows to get his son the ultimate VR headset for Christmas, he finds out more about himself and his family than he ever wanted to know.

From writer/director Scott Stewart (Legion, Priest) and starring Emmy Award-winning actor Seth Green and Clare Grant, “Christmas” is part of Distant Corners’ Holidays anthology feature created by John Hegeman and produced in association with XYZ Films.

INVASION! (World Premiere)

INVASION!_Image courtesy of BaobabStudios_1

Project Creators: Eric Darnell, Maureen Fan/Baobab Studios

Directed by Eric Darnell (Antz and Madagascar), “This interactive and animated film follows menacing aliens with vastly superior technology who come to claim the Earth and destroy anyone in their way. Despite incredible odds, Earth’s citizens rise up and defeat the evil aliens. Surprisingly, these Earthly citizens are not humans but a pair of the cutest, meekest and cuddliest creatures of our planet — two fluffy white bunnies.

SENS (World Premiere)


Project Creators: Charles Ayats, Armand Lemarchand, Marc-Antoine Mathieu
Key Collaborators: Calculmentor, Franck Weber

SENS is the first project to adapt a graphic novel into a virtual reality. It is also a beautifully universal experience that works without words. The game invites you to a trip through a graphic maze: all around you are arrows in ever changing shapes, showing you the way. Where will you lead you?

KILLER DEAL (World Premiere)

Project Creators: Irad Eyal, Aaron Rothman, Anthony C. Ferrante, iMan Productions, Better VR Studios

Key Collaborator: Ian Ziering

Directed by Anthony C. Ferrante (Boo!, Sharknado 1, 2 & 3), “Killer Deal follows a struggling machete salesman who runs into trouble when his discount hotel room comes with an unwelcome guest. A very unwelcome guest. The experience takes all the things we love about over-the-top horror and puts the viewer right in the middle of the ‘splash zone.’


The Virtual Arcade invites audiences to explore the world of VR, taking them to vastly different worlds crafted by some of the leading creators working in the medium. The Virtual Arcade, open April 18-20, demonstrates the breadth of work created by VR storytellers, including projects that are rooted in documentary, narrative, gaming, music and journalism. The lineup also incorporates established programs including Storyscapes, the fourth annual juried showcase with 10 VR and interactive installations available April 14-17, and TFI Interactive, the fifth annual forum convening the brightest thinkers from media, gaming and technology on April 16.

Festival Hub Passes are available now to the general public and provide a hands-on opportunity to experience the best in entertainment and what happens when it collides with the latest technology. Festivalgoers converge on the hub to be inspired, to incite a sense of wonder and to catch a glimpse into the future of this rapidly changing and exciting world. Passes are currently on sale for $399.00 at Single tickets for each program will go on sale March 29, 2016.

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