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American McGee’s Sister is Missing and We Can Help



While we cover the horror genre every single day, we rarely dive into the real world horrors that can befall us or our loved ones. It’s a difficult area to broach as it can quickly become a slippery slope. But this story feels very important to me and I want to try and help.

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of American McGee’s Alice and the sequel Alice: Madness Returns. I bought the former the day it came out and beat it several times. And as fate would have it, McGee and I connected and have become professionally friendly in the past year or so. That’s how I was made aware of the following terrifying news.

Over the past few months, McGee has been posting about his sister Mercy Covington, who has been missing since November 10th, 2015. Mercy lives in the East Dallas area and she is a mother of three. Obviously, McGee is very anxious and hopes that she can be found as quickly as possible but the local police, “…have done little to investigate Mercy’s disappearance“, according to a post McGee put on Facebook. As a result, the family wants to hire the services of a private investigator.

McGee also adds in a separate post:

Based on evidence collected so far, police suspect foul play. Our family have recently set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise the funding needed to pay for a private investigator. Please, help if you are able. Dallas PD are too overwhelmed with other cases to handle on their own.

The GoFundMe page is asking for $5,000 and has so far raised just under $3,300 as of this post going up. If you want to contribute, you can head to the donation page.


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