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Haunt Your House With ‘Night Terrors’



The idea behind developer Novum Analytics’ experimental horror game Night Terrors is so, so simple. That’s probably why it was able to crowdfund about $50k when so many other mobile games struggle to raise a fraction of that. It’s effectively a ‘haunt your house’ app that transforms your mobile phone into a window to another dimension inhabited by the sort of things that go bump in the night.

Intrigued? Just wait until you see this augmented reality game in action.

Night Terrors is a supernatural horror game that revolves around a camera, but not at all in the same way that Fatal Frame or DreadOut are. It swaps out the virtual worlds we usually explore in these types of games for a reality we’re intimately familiar with.

There’s no release date yet, though it doesn’t sound like we’ll be waiting much longer for it. Novum sent out the first build to their beta testers last week, along with an update on its development.

“We’re gaining momentum and are happy to be finally testing our tech,” wrote Novum in a post on the Night Terrors Indiegogo page. “Thanks for everyone’s patience with this project. Its been quite an undertaking to get this software working on mobile platforms, and we’re excited that we’re finally to a point where we’re comfortable with moving forward for iOS. Android is coming soon.”

This does leave us with a mildly unsettling question: who, and how, are we going to call about these ghosts we ain’t afraid of when Night Terrors needs our phones to conjure the ghosts? We need an answer to this question fast so we can all finally have demon roommates, just like Katie and Micah — and you’re Micah this time, I get to be Katie and I’m also superpowered demon Katie when we act out the sequels.


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