'Resident Evil 5' Arrives June 28 for PS4 and Xbox One - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Resident Evil 5’ Arrives June 28 for PS4 and Xbox One



I hope you like zombie games, because June is going to be lousy with them. Capcom has announced a release date for the digital re-release of Resident Evil 5, which they’re bringing digitally to PS4 and Xbox One on June 28 — the same day 7 Days to Die shambles onto those two platforms — followed by a retail release on July 12. That puts a week between it and the competitive multiplayer spin-off Umbrella Corps that releases a week earlier on PC and PS4.

When Resident Evil 5 returns, it’ll come with all of its previously released DLC. This includes the story DLC Desperate Escape and Lost in Nightmares, the latter of which I highly recommend you try on its hardest difficulty, for that’s when it truly becomes nightmarish.


I barely touched the bad idea that was its Mercenaries multiplayer mode. That’s not going to change anytime soon, but if you’re curious about it, Capcom has consolidated all of the competitive multiplayer content in the new Mercenaries United mode. They’ve even included the No Mercy mode that was previously exclusive to PC.

If you feel like your fancy’s been struck and you have $19.99 you’re looking to get rid of, the game is now available to pre-order on Xbox. And to clarify, this is not a remaster of Resident Evil 5. I’ve noticed some confusion on that. These are essentially Game of the Year editions, the only technical improvements are the increased frame rate and added support for 1080p.

This leaves us with Resident Evil 4, which they’re planning to release on PS4 and Xbox One sometime this fall.


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