Countdown Site Teases Big 'Hunger' Reveal Coming Tomorrow - Bloody Disgusting
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Countdown Site Teases Big ‘Hunger’ Reveal Coming Tomorrow



When Tarsier Studios introduced us to their freaky adventure game Hunger last year, I could tell something was afoot. And sure, I might’ve said something like “one trailer is all it took for a game called Hunger to climb its way to the near-top of my most anticipated list,” or whatever, but I knew the rabble-rousing ne’er-do-wells at Tarsier were keeping secrets from us.

The studio promises to expose their secrets and assorted chicanery tomorrow morning. They even built us a nifty-looking countdown website, I think, because the guilt was becoming to much of a burden for them.

Here’s that reveal trailer again. A year later and it’s still the best thing ever okay, I guess.

For the uninitiated, Hunger is a ‘suspense-adventure’ game — “on account of the fact that there will be plenty of both,” says Tarsier — about a girl named Six who finds herself trapped inside a monster-infested labyrinth called The Maw. The ‘dollhouse perspective’ and uniquely atmospheric visuals complement the imaginative design of its world, which I cannot wait to explore. This is definitely a game to watch.

Just make sure you keep one eye on its developer. They’re up to no good.