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What We Know About ‘Resident Evil 7’



Capcom made good on their promise to not do anything like Resident Evil 6 ever again when they pulled the blood-soaked sheet off the next installment in the main series, signaling what will almost certainly be the most drastic shake-up yet for the two decade-old franchise.

Resident Evil 7 is a first-person survival horror game set in modern day rural America after the events in Resident Evil 6. It represents quite a few firsts for the series, such as its being designed to support, but not require, virtual reality headsets like PlayStation VR. It’s powered by the new VR-friendly RE engine, and will introduce a “complete refresh of gameplay systems,” starting with the welcome removal of quick time events.

That’s right: Resident Evil 7 won’t have a single QTE.

As far as fresh starts go, this one is going to be comprehensive. Capcom’s Koshi Nakanishi told Polygon it’s lead character will be a fresh face who definitely won’t be another “macho superhero” type, nor will they be a series regular.

A team of about 120 developers are involved, compared to the more than 600 people who worked on Resident Evil 6. That’s a very good thing, and so is the return of healing herbs. Maybe they’ll bring back the yellow ones.

You might’ve heard about the demo, Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour. It ties directly into the KITCHEN VR demo that traumatized numerous unsuspecting attendees at E3 2015, and it features roughly 20 minutes of content, none of which we’ll see in the final release. Capcom decided to make the demo a standalone experience so they could introduce fans to the tone and atmosphere they’re going for without spoiling anything.

It’s available to download right now, for free, on the PlayStation Store. PS Plus subscribers have first dibs, but the demo will be coming to “other platforms at a later date.”

Resident Evil 7 releases on January 24, 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

There’s still much we don’t know, but that’s obviously going to change in the coming months. In the meantime, I’m eager to know what you think, based on what we’ve seen and know so far.

What’s your first impression of this bold new direction?


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