'Resident Evil 4' Hits PS4, Xbox One Next Month - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Resident Evil 4’ Hits PS4, Xbox One Next Month



I can’t think of very many video games that are so lovely as to deserve a dozen or so re-releases, but Resident Evil 4 is officially one of them. Capcom has done a remarkable job in making sure there’s at least one version of the acclaimed horror game available on every possible platform.

Resident Evil 4 will get the same treatment Capcom gave the re-releases of RE5 and RE6 earlier this year. That means the game will come with all bonus content and DLC, including the Ada Wong side stories and Mercenaries Mode.

Between these three games and the near-universally panned multiplayer-centric spin-off Umbrella Corps, this is the fourth, and likely last, Resident Evil we’ll see in 2016. The acclaimed reboot completely altered the course of the franchise back in 2005, so it’s fitting that it would be the one to usher in the series’ next big course correction, due January 24, 2017.


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