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‘Mirror’s Edge’ Composer Wants to Score a Horror Game



Solar Fields is the stage name of Magnus Birgersson, a Swedish electronic musician and the composer of the breezy energy of the music that’s since become such an integral part of the identity of the City of Glass, in which the Mirror’s Edge series takes place. When the narrative falls short or the gameplay grows repetitive — as it does far too often in both the original game and its frustratingly unimaginative sequel — it’s Fields’ brilliantly realized soundscape that’s left to carry the experience until it regains its footing.

I finished Mirrors Edge Catalyst the other day and immediately went online to learn more about its innovative use of sound, which dynamically ebbs and flows with the pacing of the action in a very clever way. That’s when I came across this interview with FGE, where Solar Fields briefly mentions that he “would really like to score some horror game in the future.”

I thought it might be a throwaway comment until I dug just a little bit deeper and found more evidence of Fields’ interest in the horror genre. When asked what kinds of games he plays, Fields replied, “I’m a huge fan of well-made horror games, and also games that deliver something new to the gaming experience.”

Someone needs to give this guy a (well-made) horror game to score right now.


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