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Join the WORLD OF DEATH, Our Short Film Community From Around the World! (Trailer)




Bloody Disgusting is partnering with filmmaker Tony Wash to launch World of Death, a horror community that celebrates short filmmakers from around the world.

Wash, who directed It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To, High on the Hog and the forthcoming The Rake, is Bloody Disgusting’s official short film curator, and will be searching out and sharing short form genre films from every inch of the globe.

The first episode will launch next Monday, August 8, but for now we have a trailer that gives you a taste of the forthcoming madness.

The World of Death community hub will live right here on Bloody Disgusting. Filmmakers seeking a platform to share their short films can submit their work here. There are no rules as World of Death is all about diversity, ranging from expertise that runs from the youngest filmmaker at the age of 13 to one who has worked on the Lord of the Rings franchise.

Episodes will also be streaming for free on Bloody Disgusting’s YouTube Channel (subscribe here). Follow World of Death on Facebook for updates.

You will also find Wash posting regularly on Bloody Disgusting as he shares new World fo Death episodes, speaks with each of the filmmakers, and reveals future projects from alumni.

In addition, Wash will be appearing with BD’s Jon Barkan and Tom Owen at the forthcoming Flashback Weekend in Chicago (Aug. 5-7) to share a handful of shorts prior to Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm on both Friday and Saturday night (full details).


“My co-producer Jim Petersen and I started World of Death because we had both produced a short film and wanted to do something bigger with them than just let the movies sit on our YouTube channels in perpetuity,” Wash explains of the genesis of WOD. “Along with some additional helpers, we contacted over 600 filmmakers from around the world and secured over 200 short films to create the foundation of World of Death. The idea here is “strength in numbers”; as one film/filmmaking team we are easily lost in the mix that is indie horror these days. But by bringing scores of filmmakers together as a singular entity, we are a force to be reckoned with. The WOD community is the strength of project. Not only are there a large number of people around the world willing to promote and support WOD, but the community has also created multiple collaborations between newfound filmmaking friends. We’ve actually pulled a couple WOD‘ers onto the post production staff of my second feature, High on the Hog and these guys are from England! I never would have met them if it were not for WOD.”

He continues: “The partnership with Bloody Disgusting is a tremendous opportunity for WOD. BD can provide WOD with the exposure it deserves on a larger level and I am excited to see the potential of a dual marketing approach both wide scale through BD and on the independent level via word-of-mouth with the 200 + current WOD filmmakers plus their casts/crews.

“We already have a year’s worth of content for our weekly WOD episodes and I’m excited for horror fans to see what WOD has in store for them! From ghosts, vampires, werewolves, satanic rituals, found-footage, torture, monsters, claymation, slashers and more, there is literally something for everyone in WOD.”

Wash also speaks to joining the WOD community: “WOD is perpetual in that we’ve created a submission form so that anyone can be a citizen of World of Death. Just fill out the form and submit a link to your short film for us to review. As someone who has created a career as an independent horror filmmaker I understand how important exposure is and what’s a more enticing way to promote an independent filmmaker’s work than on Bloody Disgusting.

“I hope the WOD community continues to grow because nothing satisfies me more than seeing newfound filmmaking friends come together to collaborate on a project.”



Wash has spent most of his life in the Chicagoland area. Developing a love for the cinematic experience at a young age, Tony Wash further solidified his desire to be a part of the film industry after working at a few video stores during his teenage years. After receiving an undergraduate degree in communications and art, Wash decided to tighten his focus on the film industry by attending Tom Savini’s Special FX School in Monessen, PA. Wash hoped to give his production company, Scotchworthy Productions the diversity it would need to be successful in the independent arena. Showcasing award-winning video production and practical special FX design, Scotchworthy Productions has become a Midwestern staple for quality, independent, genre-specific projects.

Beginning production in the winter of 2005, Wash’s first feature, the choose-your-own-adventure horror film, “It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To” created the reputation Scotchworthy takes pride in to this day. “It’s definitely worth checking out, and the type of indie I highly recommend supporting… It’s made with genuine care and love for the genre, which is more than you can say for (at least) half of the films I’ve watched; movies that spent more in a single day than Wash and his crew probably had for the entire production. Kudos to them” (Brian Collins,

Following the completion of “It’s My Party…”, Wash and crew took the movie on the road, hitting up the festival circuit and a number of horror conventions across the country. To date, “It’s My Party and I’ll Die If I Want To” has won six festival awards including two for Best Feature, has been showcased on AT&T U-verse VOD, and is available on Netflix DVD/streaming.

Between features, Tony produced a number of short films including the award winning Nazi zombie film, “A Chance in Hell” and “The Muck”. “The Muck”, which is Wash’s entry in WOD premiered at SXSW in 2014.

In recent years Wash produced and directed the grindhouse crime/thriller “High on the Hog”, starring Sid Haig. Wash also produced and directed the horror film, “The Rake” starring Shanae Grimes-Beech and Rachel Melvin. Both features are in post and are slated for 2017 releases.

To speak with Tony about your short or for promotional purposes, you can reach him at


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